Programs and Services

Human rights and child rights education: educating the children and the people regarding human rights and child rights through the Basic Orientation Seminar on Human Rights and Child Rights (BOS-HRCR), fora, symposia, cultural presentations, and educational activities in celebration of the French Revolution Day, Child Rights Day, and Human Rights Day.

Social awareness building and value formation: seminars on the global and national children’s situation, international and national instruments on children, Filipino values, child labor, child development.

Children organizing and sectoral organizing: immersion and learning from the children and people, formation of core groups and organizing committees, building of full associations of children, youth, women, and parents in the barangay, municipal, city and provincial level, organization of federations.
Networking and coalition-building: relationship-building and partnership-development with other NGOs and Pos, LGUs, churches, schools, mass media, private sector, and others; formation, development and sustainability of alliances, coalitions and multisectoral mechanisms.

Advocacy and mobilization: identification and analysis of issues and planning and implementation of group and mass activities like mass campaigns, fora, rallies, marches or parades, and other forms of struggle to express the organized children’s and people’s positions and demands, educate the people and the government, and press on the government leadership to respond to the children’s and/or people’s demands; legislative advocacy and lobbying.

Representation and participation in governance: planning and conduct of group and/or mass actions to achieve representation and participation in the Barangay Development Councils, BCPCs, Municipal Development Councils, MCPCs, City Development Councils, CCPCs, Provincial Development Councils, PCPCs, National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), and other bodies of governance; development of participation in such bodies for the best interests of the child and the people.

Micro-finance and enterprise development: sharing of knowledge, imparting of skills, and organizing of micro-finance groups; provision of guidance to the various associations in identifying, planning and undertaking micro-economic enterprises; and development of the spirit of mutual help and cooperation among the children and/or people.

Educational assistance for working children and youth: relationship-building and partnership development with school administrations and teachers; selection of deserving working children as educational beneficiaries, provision of school materials and minimal financial assistance; provision of support academic services like tutorials and remedial classes; and organizing of educational beneficiaries and other students.

Capability-Building: training, exposure and other forms of educational activities for the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills in communication, facilitation, theatre and arts, organizing, situation and problem analysis, organizing, leadership, management, networking and coalition-building, advocacy and mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, representation and participation in governance, and others.